Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Lazy Investor - Part 1

Self-proclaimed as Canada's youngest retiree, Derek Foster recently published his second book on his 'no thinking strategy.' I had a chance this weekend to read his latest book, The Lazy Investor: Start with $50... and no Investment Knowledge so here's a quick book review.

Compared to his first book and national bestseller, Stop Working: Here's How You Can!, Foster concentrates his efforts this time on describing how to start investing in dividend aristocrats with a small amount of cash through DRIPs and SPPs. Foster takes you through the steps to acquire that all important first share and also provides different strategies to help teach your children about the importance of money. The book also provides an update on Foster's investments and thoughts on the future of income trusts.

While I found the original Stop Working book more inspirational (probably because it introduced me to new investment strategies at the time), I would still recommend The Lazy Investor for Canadians interested in learning about investment / early retirement strategies that you probably will never hear from the so-called "financial experts."

Derek Foster's two books would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone you think might benefit from learning a thing or two about personal finance.

Lazy Investor STOP WORKING

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