Saturday, November 3, 2007


As an avid investor, you've probably wondered how well you can predict the future performance of a stock. Perhaps, you've heard a thing or two about technical analysis but believe it's fruitless or you think you're a TA-expert, but don't feel comfortable placing your own money on the line.

Well, now there is a great time-lapse stock trading game called Chartgame where you can test your stock prediction strategies.

When playing Chartgame, the web site will present you with a random historical stock chart of an actual large cap (S&P 500) security, without telling you which company and time period the chart represents.

You are then given the opportunity to reveal the stock chart one day at a time, selecting to "buy" or "sell" the stock at various times. After a maximum of one year is played for the security, the actual name of the company, and what time period the graph was for is revealed, and you move on to another stock chart for an unknown company and time period.

You are rated on how much gains you made over how many days invested. The computer compares you to a strategy of "buy and hold" on the stocks played. Your goal is to beat that.

This a great game to sharpen your trading skills with actual historical stock charts. It is straight-forward as it simply provides you with the stock chart, daily stats, and associated volume so you don't have to be an expert in moving averages, bollinger bands, etc. to play the game. This may be a bit too simplistic for TA-experts but for the average-Joe investor like me who likes using simple technical analysis techniques to help predict future stock performance, Chartgame is an excellent way to improve your skills.

If you have time this weekend to test your skills (and/or luck) in the market, I recommend you give Chartgame a try.

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