Monday, September 8, 2008

Sold POT

I wish I was at home this morning to act on the quick drop in share prices after the market opened. Unfortunately work got in the way so I had to rely on my broker's telephone trading platform to get my quotes and place my sell order. I still fared pretty well compared to the closing price so I'm still somewhat happy.

This is today's chart of POT-T:

Today's Info:
High: $177.40
Low: $160.92
Close: $162.50 (-$9.850, -5.72%)


Canadian Dollars said...

Congrats on the nice play on Potash.

I'm looking for an entry into POT-T on Monday. As there was a nice pop on friday. Any sort of weakness and I will probably buy.

What are your opinions on Potash 1 week later?

Wiser Miser said...

Thanks for dropping by Canadian Dollars.

The funny thing was I was right for a couple of days but had I stayed invested, I'd be ahead today but I might have had some restless nights earlier in the week so I'm ok with that.

See my latest post for my current thoughts on Potash: