Sunday, July 15, 2007

Corrupted Floppy Disk

From time to time, I might highlight a software program that I find really useful. In most cases, I'll only suggest freeware but in today's post, I'll recommend a handy shareware program that saved my day...

I was really shocked to find out that my computer wouldn't recognize my most important floppy disk yesterday after it was working fine just the day before. As always, I inserted the disk into the floppy drive and tried opening it up but to my surprise, it told me that the disk was not formatted and asked if it should format the disk. Hmmm, let me think.... NO!!!!

Now this floppy disk contained all my personal finance spreadsheets and of course, I didn't have a backup. Just my luck!

Tip #1: Always, make a regular backup of your important computer files.

So I started downloading a whole bunch of floppy disk recovery programs that I could find and just my luck, none of them could recover the three spreadsheets I was most concerned about. How typical, was that? And the funny thing was, each program was able to recover a different file.

Tip #2: When using file recovery software, try more than one program if you don't succeed the first time.

Without any luck, I called up a friend to see if he had any ideas. My luck had finally turned! He recently had a similar issue with his computer and bought Active@ File Recovery. So I went over to his place and gave it a shot, and it was able to recover everything. Sweet!!

This leads me to Tip #3: If all other file recovery attempts fail, try Active@ File Recovery.

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