Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intrepid Potash IPO

After kicking myself countless times over the past several weeks for not following my 2008 portfolio plans of placing 50+% of my assets in fertilizer stocks and my quick trades for relatively small profits of the agricultural stocks I've held this year, I noticed that a new Ag. player arrived to the stock market today.

Intrepid Potash IPO'ed and shot up over 50% on its debut today. Just like I did with VISA, I've included today's action of IPI-N for future reference.

Interestingly enough, I'm finding different chart views of the market open for this stock on various web sites. I ended up using the Google Finance chart above since it appears to have the least amount of noise on the open.

I haven't had any time to do any research on this company just yet but for those interested in reading up on the company, 1440 Wall Street appears to be covering the story very well.

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