Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tax Filing Time

If you're like most Canadians and myself, you dread April since it's that time of year when you are expected to file your taxes.

Well, this weekend is the perfect time to sit down and get your income tax return out of the way. Who knows, maybe the government owes you money so you're losing out. I personally like to fill out my taxes the old fashion way on paper first, and read up on all the various deductions and credits available so just maybe I can do something differently this year. Once I think I've got it all done, I like to double-check my return with one of the online tax software packages like QuickTax

The online version of QuickTax allows you to fill out your return for free; you only pay if you actually want to file your return with them.

So if you just want to get your taxes done as quickly as possible or want to double check your calculations, you might want to give QuickTax a try.

QuickTax, Find Deductions!

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