Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another MF Account Bites the Dust

Today, I closed my mutual fund account with one of the 'Big Five' banks by redeeming my units in an international equity fund. This fund was one of the first investments I ever made and just my luck, it took a beating soon thereafter with the rest of the market. It finally recovered to where I should be about to squeeze out about a small gain which goes to show that timing plays an important role when investing.

This particular fund may still have ways to go before peaking but the incovenience of holding only one fund at an institution that I no longer have any more dealings with and the lack of online funds transactions for people without a so-called 'regular' bank account outweighed these possibilities. Besides having one less thing to keep track off, it also means that I might save a tree or two from the quarterly mailings I would have otherwise received.

Speaking of trees, you can help preserve endangered rainforest habitat by visiting The Rainforest Site on a daily basis.

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