Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well, here it is... my first blog entry!

Once I have figured out this whole blogger thing out, I intend to record my thoughts on my investment decisions so I can come back to them at sometime in the future and hopefully learn from my mistakes. (Hopefully, they will be few and far between but as we all know, no one's perfect.)

I've read some other Canadian investment blogs that post new commentary on a daily basis. I doubt I'll be doing that so don't be surprised if there are weeks or even months in between posts depending on market conditions and my schedule.

So there it is.... my first blog entry.

Stay tuned for more.


Mr. Cheap said...

Welcome to the Canadian PF blogging community!

its amazing how many of us are high tech workers. Must be some correlation between techies and blogging about money (blogging is hardly cutting edge tech though...)

Funny how many of us are looking to get out of the rat race too... High tech careers seems to have a pretty good burn out rate too.

White Eagle said...

Thanks Mr. Cheap!

Hopefully from all our ideas in the PF blogging community, we can all reach our goals.