Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Osisko's Stock-Split Day

For the sake of record keeping, Osisko (OSK-X) had its two-for-one stock split today.
It's intraday chart can be found below:

Osisko ended the day at $6.20.

The S&P/TSX index closed 56.93 points lower at 14119.49 while the TSX Venture exchange was up +10.90 to 3237.08.
Kitco reported the New York Gold Spot Price to be 660.50 (bid) / 662.00 (ask), up $4.70 on the day.

While on the subject of liquidity, what do you think about investing in low-volume stocks?

I have my eye on a few companies that appear to have good fundamentals but experience a relatively low number of trades during an average day. I see this as a positive when times are good as people chase the share price upwards but once things get tough, I suspect these type of stocks will get hit hard due to the absence of interested buyers. I've witnessed some of these stocks double in price in short order from the sidelines. Recently though, these stocks have dipped somewhat and look tempting... what should I do?

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